Every realization is different.

Why I started in this way? The project is only the part of everything. The main goal is the realization. This is reason why I’m always present and panticipate in every episade of the all project. I build good relation ship with people and I coordinate and cooperate with them at every level. I can take into account every details concerning the whole project. At the beginning I always think who will be the user of the organized space? My experience helps me to understand it properly. Know it’s a basic question. We prepare a preliminary brief and we analyse and take into account everything. The result is better understanding of the project. As a anthropologist of the culture I encourage people to realize an idea in this way: a project is not for us, it’s for other people (our clients). Additionaly I’m degree in Art University of Art in Łódz and in indrustrial design. Also I finished Dising Management in SGH( University of Trade in Warsaw). I tried to show on my website my own way of thinking about the space interriors and a user as a human being.